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The word: Enthusiasm

I went to the M.D. this morning,
“you have a vitamin D deficiency”
my M.D asked how I’ve been
doing as she was checking my heart rate,
and then my lungs. “open up and say Ah”
finally with relief, I belched out,
“I haven’t’ been quite well you see,
I have these crying spells, fits,
and I’m not too fond on my tits,
or any other of my lady parts,
but I do look forward to turning 40.
My M.D. shrugged her shoulder,
scribbled on her note pad,
handed me my Rx, I fled the room
to check out
because I was really looking forward to their complementary lollipops.

» Posted By Soto On July 19, 2017 @ 2:42 pm

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