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The word: Contracts

The hardness of contracts:
now unwilling
parties into
a forced embrace,
and fixed.

A crushing force.

Shylock should have won the day.
He had a contract.

changeable liquid creatures framed by limbs, trunks, systems, fickle neurons.

Best not veer too close to contracts.

» Posted By Sallie Sharp On February 26, 2018 @ 10:14 am

The word: Fret

How odd the language of our mothers and fathers.
How limiting.
They share small meanings.

We learn from others
the meaning is vast,
different, disparate,
odd and unexpected.

Fretting touches a place deep and stressed.
Constant. Worry. Fear. Unknown.

How can it be also the joyful part of a violin, a cello, a simple ukulele?
It’s the part that keeps the music in line, not a part that causes worry or fear.
It’s the known, the constant.

Yet, the sand and beach know the anguish of the fret.
The fret gradually wears away, gnaws away, tears away the shore.

Structure and destruction. A common root but disparate outcome.
Perhaps the mothers and fathers knew our capacity for confusion was limited.

Our fret was the simple, the worrying kind.
No massive waves there.
Just small and constant frets
Etching our shorelines and brooks.

» Posted By Sallie Sharp On January 17, 2018 @ 7:35 pm

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