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The word: Travelers

Wonderful whimsy from the Crane sisters with different mothers. Very nice. Thank you.

» Posted By Martin Mayland, Austin, Texas On March 21, 2017 @ 10:02 pm

Children of the Yonder Star

First, there came the miners
To the iron asteroid.
They hollowed out its center
To live within the void.
Then, came the manufacturers.
Iron ore was smelted.
They collected water as
Surface ice was melted.
Then they made the steel
With which they made constructions
Their plan began to reveal
According to instructions.
Scientists and engineers
Met with social masterminds
Here, they designed for the future-
Salvation for Mankind.
Next, came a wave of persons,
Techs skilled in crafts and arts.
Soon they would wave goodbye
As wayfarers to the stars.
On the outside solar sails
Unfurl to Sun’s fire.
Now, it is time to be leaving.
It is zero hour.
The travelers are excited.
They are on a quest
To spread the seeds of humanity
And make it for the best.
The first generations were so happy
Among the stars to roam
But their children said, “Are we there yet?”
They wanted to go home.

» Posted By Martin Mayland, Austin, Texas On March 16, 2017 @ 7:05 pm

The word: Dignity

Wow! The New Yorker is ambitious. That is a real audience. With AIPF, we spend an evening reading our poems to each other and anyone we bring along. The book probably never gets read after that. Still, it is fun to have my play read and selected by professional poets.

» Posted By Martin Mayland, Austin, Texas On March 10, 2017 @ 6:53 pm

Re: Don’t break your arm patting yourself on the back!
My poem for the word “Friendship,” posted toward the end of December, was accepted for publication in the Austin International Poetry Festival Contest anthology. This is my second year to receive this honor.

» Posted By Martin Mayland, Austin, Texas On March 10, 2017 @ 5:02 am


When it comes to dignity
Some folks have not a shred
And nothing to comport with
Or so I’ve heard it said.
Those that find their comport zone
Have some poise in bearing
Not like the ignobles
Who show no way of caring.
When we all get down to it
We dig the nitty-gritty
With values that we hold aloft
And avoid remorse and pity.
And so it begs the question-
Have you got no shame?
Do not dignify with answers.
Excuses are for blame.
Some folks look for scapegoats,
Ones to bear their sins
Off into the wilderness,
While they count their wins.
They are ones who avoid
Opprobrium, apropos
And the desert of their just deserts
You know that it is so.

» Posted By Martin Mayland, Austin, Texas On March 10, 2017 @ 3:34 am

The word: Adjust

Don’t Touch That Dial

There is nothing wrong with your mindset.
Do not attempt to adjust the picture.
We are controlling supposition.
All is structured to our stricture.
If we wish to make you listen,
We will increase the volume
Drowning out the extraneous
As we sputter, rail, rant and fume.
We will control the horizontal-
Tell you when to lie down.
We control intention of ascension
What goes up must come aground.
We control the image.
We can make it flatter.
Reputations can be impugned-
Appearances are what matter.
We can change the focus
To one of crystal clarity
Or soften it by blurring,
Obscuring in disparity.
For the next four years, sit quietly
As we who are above
Assume control of all that you
See, hear, fear, loathe, and love.
We repeat:
There is nothing wrong with your mindset.
Trust in our debenture.
We are going to take you
On a great adventure.
You are about to experience
The awe and the mystery
As we explore the Outre’ Limits.
We are making History.

Adjusted from the intro to the 60’s TV show “The Outer Limits”

Happy Birthday, Sallie!

» Posted By Martin Mayland, Austin, Texas On March 1, 2017 @ 4:36 pm

The word: Idempotent


Was it not what God once said
When he was giving orders-
Go forth and multiply?
Increase beyond your borders?
Simple creatures like bacteria
Multiply when they divide.
How do they do this so easily when
I have tried and been denied?
For me it doesn’t add up
It is, in fact, a subtraction
That causes me consternation
And downright dissatisfaction.
So, how am I to do this?
Understand the ”idempotent?”
It seems that I am powerless-
Stymied in the moment.
It seems to mean a quantity
That does not change when it is squared
And, like, I’m supposed to come around to this-
And act as if I cared?
There are just two figures
Which seem to fill the bill-
One that won is one,
The other zero- nil.
Is it mere coincidence
That these are numbers, binary,
Used in our computers
In expressings of their finery?
Benjamin Peirce was the one,
A Harvard mathematician,
Who thought we need a special word
To describe just this condition.
He is one who said it eloquently:

A unary operation (or function) is idempotent if, whenever it is applied twice to any value, it gives the same result as if it were applied once; i.e., ƒ(ƒ(x)) ≡ ƒ(x) – Wikipedia

He made it very clear for all to see,
Except my eyes glaze over,
It’s immune from all indemnity
And yet I run for cover.
Some words are nomenclature
Made to set us in division
From those experts in the knowing
And ones needing supervision.
They are not for us in mainstream,
Implying special knowledge
Gleaned from pages of some grimoire
In the dusty halls of college.
But, in my case, it calls to mind
A delight that I have found
A special word to bind
Our feet firmly to the ground.
I admit I have been saving it
For a poem just such as is
If I do not employ it now
I will be sorry in remiss.
It is a word of great value,
Not only for musicality,
But one that’s used for judgement
Of a nature and reality.
And so, here we go.
It is floccinaucinihilipilification (FLOK-si-NO-si-NY-HIL-i-PIL-i-fi-KAY-shuhn).
If you say it loud enough
You will be causing a sensation (or, they might send you on vacation).
As you use it almost casually,
You won’t be among the mirthless
Who don’t know it is defined as
“Estimating something worthless. “

» Posted By Martin Mayland, Austin, Texas On February 22, 2017 @ 11:30 pm

Coming soon. Count on it.

» Posted By Martin Mayland, Austin, Texas On February 22, 2017 @ 10:13 pm

The word: Appaloosa

Got an App for That

Some of us have weyekins-
Spirit animal advisors-
To help us along in this world-
With succor to be survivors.
They are a kind of guardian
Sharing of their power,
Their wisdom, and their energy
To avail at any hour.
I met mine on a vision quest
As most people do.
We who are the seekers,
We are just the few.
Finding your animal anima
Requires an openness of mind
Away from most commotion,
The sacrificial kind.
Find yourself a vista
Good for contemplation
Allow for calming peace
To override sensation.
This, your meditation,
Your avoidance of distraction
Will serve as a summons,
An invitation, and attraction.
The wild spirit may be curious as
You are a calmness in the storm
An oasis in the parched desert,
Something beyond the norm.
Your weyekin may appear
In true form or in trance
Both a dreaming and reality
For a bonding and a dance.
He/she will become part of you
In a kind of interweaving
You will know the truth of this
There can be no deceiving.
How can I explain the joy of this,
To have found in me my friend?
We will always be apart as one.
On this I can depend.
Through my lifetime and beyond ,
As we ride across the sky,
We are secure in knowing that
We will never ever die.
Mine is an Indian horse.
She is a mighty steed
Sharing her endurance,
Patience, strength, and speed.
When I need these virtues,
I don’t play it fast and loose
I have got an App for that-
My spirit Appaloosa.

» Posted By Martin Mayland, Austin, Texas On February 16, 2017 @ 11:38 am

The word: Fantasy

A Fan of the Fantastic

I, for one, love a good fantasy,
Drifting through obscuring mists of reverie,
A vacation from mundane reality,
Indulging my own… whimsicality—
“Oh, Martin, you’re so handsome!”
Whispered Catherine Zeta –Jones,
“I could kiss you all day long!”
It sends shivers through my bones.
Sometimes fantasies hint at a safer danger
Like using peppers as a spice.
It’s a heat that does not burn you but,
Tantalizes flavors of banal life—
Some men dream of domination.
Women with the leather, whips, and chains.
Tied up and tortured into ecstasy.
Gently forced. They claim they’re not to blame.
Sometimes fantasies are useful
To help you get on through your day.
Like the ones where you’ve been wronged
And those offenders need to pay—
How about your boss and those hot pokers.
His screams of agony- so sublime.
He’ll never complain that you are late- again!!
Or have you working overtime.
And there’s the guy who just cut you off
As you tried to make your turn.
Activate the code for missile launch-
FIRE! He is toasted in a burn.
Fantasies can give you power
Putting you right at the helm
In your mind you are the ruler,
Lord and Master of your realm—
I think I might like it as the King
With minions, toadies, and sycophants
I just gently pull their strings.
My little pawns to fawn and dance.
But, as they often say,
Be careful what you wish for
That thing once thought of as ludicrous
Might become what you abhor—
I had this weird one about
A wealthy star on the TV
Who dreamed he could be President
In a perverse twist of Reality.
Most daydreams are benign
But for some they turn around
Becoming our worst nightmares,
Too many times, this can be found—
There was this man, most reverend,
Who wanted to love all our kids.
What ugliness had transpired
In the mind behind his closed eyelids?
Every mass or serial killer
Began with thoughts, surreal.
It initiated as a musing-
“I wonder how it might feel…”
There’s nothing wrong with wish fulfillment.
Entertain the weirding way.
But beware when darkness beckons.
Beyond some bounds- don’t ever stray.
So, there you go, Dream On!
Here’s to hoping your journey, phantasmagoric
Will have your feet on firm ground
But your hair in air, euphoric.

» Posted By Martin Mayland, Austin, Texas On February 9, 2017 @ 1:44 pm

The word: Delight

Winters of Our Content

In the Heart of Texas, the Summers
Are oppressive ‘cause they’re hot.
We suffer in sweaty, sultry sacrifice
To enjoy Winters that are not.
Sure, it does get cold,
But we endure the freezing blasts
And stay inside two days or three-
We know that it won’t last.
Sometimes we get a freezing rain,
But rarely does it snow.
When the roads get awfully icy,
We hunker ‘til it’s safe to go.
Young guys put warm coats on
To wear along with their short pants.
The gals put on their fuzzy scarves and
Furry boots for Jack Frost’s dance.
We don’t need any snow tires
Or bother with the chains.
To us, the word “muckluck”
Is one that sounds so strange.
We forgo the snow shovels
Or things that scrape the ice.
Salt is for tequila-
A thing that is quite nice.
Our reward for the hot summer
Is Indian Autumn and/or Spring.
It was clever of those native folks
To invent this Texan thing.
Today it was near Seventy-Five
And it was quite balmy.
So you can keep your groundhog,
The Phil from Punxsutawney.
Please, don’t tell the Yankees
Of our Winters of delight.
It’s getting much too crowded here-
They should suffer in their plight.
Now, it seems I’m bragging but
Just wait until next Summer
The shoe will be on your foot
And it will be my bummer.

» Posted By Martin Mayland, Austin, Texas On February 5, 2017 @ 9:01 pm

The word: Extravagant

Thank you. My poems, of course, have a dose of me but often come along with a generous amount of fiction. In this case, is the speaker being down on hisself/herself or being sarcastic? It could be that the “extravagant” gift is being perceived as somewhat niggardly. If I were as bad off as some of my stuff suggests, I would have a hard time getting out of bed, or worse, and would not be writing at all.
I hope you get that bra.

» Posted By Martin Mayland, Austin, Texas On January 27, 2017 @ 7:52 am

We missed you, Patty. Welcome back!

» Posted By Martin Mayland, Austin, Texas On January 25, 2017 @ 7:04 pm

Ah, Shucks!
Hey! No, no, no, no, no, no, no.
Sorry, but accept it, I can’t.
It is just that it is too “too.”
Much too extravagant.
And I am undeserving and
Your gift is much too nice
For someone such as me
Anything lesser will suffice.
Or maybe something not at all.
There is nothing I have earned
Considered in the balance
And where I am concerned.
You, on the other hand,
Have proven you’re a friend.
You should buy yourself something.
Yeah. That’s how you should spend.
Don’t you see that
I’m not a person you should like?
It seems I am inferior.
Say, “Go on, take a hike.”
You don’t need to mind me.
I’m hardly worth your time.
You should not indulge me,
It would be a crime.
Yes, I’m self-effacing
And you are a saint.
That you can even tolerate
Shows your great restraint.
So, go about your business.
Don’t pay me no mind.
Just for me to share your air
Shows you are too kind.

» Posted By Martin Mayland, Austin, Texas On January 25, 2017 @ 7:03 pm

The word: Electric

The Electric Ecdysiast

I singe the bawdy eclectic.
Burning leaves of grass.
I do not care a whit, man
If you don’t enjoy some sass.
The poster said her name was Ecstacy,
The Ecstatic Electric Ecdysiast.
I paid some bucks and went inside.
What a show! Should not be missed !
Sinuous sensuality.
Epiphanous, revelations.
The dance of seven revealings
Exotic, erotic sensations.
An Amazon, most amazing
The best of the burlesque
Tempting titillations and daring derriere
In poses, arabesque.
Bubbles bobbling, bursting and
Fanning wings of feathers,
Flying, whirling and obscuring,
Ever concealing nethers.
All was done in good humor
We enjoyed the tempting teasing
Laughing at our own lust
None of it dispeasing.
Of course, it was salacious
And our thoughts were naughty
But what could be less wrong than
Celebration of the body.

» Posted By Martin Mayland, Austin, Texas On January 20, 2017 @ 1:11 am

The word: Mirror

The Heart of Dorian Yort

» Posted By Martin Mayland, Austin, Texas On January 13, 2017 @ 6:43 pm

Mirror, Mirror

Look into the mirror.
What is it that you see?
The “you” as others see you-
That is their reality.
Does it reflect well on you-
This façade which you present,
Carefully mind-crafted,
To disguise your full intent?
The real “you” is deep inside
The “you” that you keep hidden
With your fears and insecurities-
Access is forbidden.
Is it not kind of sad
That in the end we’re all alone,
Locked inside our psyches,
In reality, unknown?
The looking glass cannot see
That which we keep concealed-
The scars and open sores,
Needing to be healed.
Nothing here is black or white,
Shades of Dorian Gray.
Beauty can be ugly.
In the end, all must pay.
You never want to be found out.
All of us are closeted.
No one must ever know
We live our lives in dread.
Why do you suffer silently
With your guilt and shame
Until rage lashes out
Assigning blame and pain?
Behind your mirror image,
Sparing indignation,
Your loneliness is your constraint-
Enjoy your isolation.
When I say “you,” I mean me.
Aren’t we all as one?
This is our humanity-
To the Kingdom we have come.
But, in a way, this gives us freedom-
It’s the source of our free will
We can use our power
For goodness or for ill.

» Posted By Martin Mayland, Austin, Texas On January 13, 2017 @ 5:27 pm

The word: Adventure

An Adventurer’s Lament

I used to be an adventurer
Until I took an arrow in the knee.
It was like a life of epic glory,
Or some heroic fantasy.
I battled demons, dragons,
Trolls, and vagabonds galore.
They got what they had coming.
I gave them the whatfor.
I was good at saving damsels
From black knights with bad intent.
I usually got some kisses
I think my time was well spent.
More than once it was up to me
To be the one who saved the world
As I galloped on my trusty steed,
Upon my lance, my banner was unfurled.
It was such a great time
And, of course, it paid me well.
There were chests of treasure
And booty I could sell.
But, I had no need for riches.
So I gave it all away.
Don’t worry ‘bout tomorrow.
A hero doesn’t worry ‘bout the pay.
One time an evil wizard
Cast a glamour over me
I spent time as a pirate king
Sailing, looting on the sea.
Yeah, I ran into some witches.
Married me a few .
They got all my castles.
Left me feeling blue.
I had it good as an adventurer.
Then I took an arrow in the knee.
My health plan had been cancelled.
Could get no surgery.
I know it sounds a limp excuse
But I can quest no more.
I can only spin my tales
Would you like to hear some more?

» Posted By Martin Mayland, Austin, Texas On January 4, 2017 @ 5:03 pm

The word: Cackle


And now we have a New Year-
So warn the cackles of my heart.
Where should I begin?
I have resolves to start.
First, I will take no “cides”
‘Cause they are not fulfilling.
There is little pleasure to be had
When it involves some killing.
No homicide, suicide, patricide or matricide.
No androcide, femicide, genocide, or xenocide.
I suppose there is exception-
Use of insecticide, pesticide, and spermicide
(When properly applied)
Can be okay in my perception.

I will listen less to stupid news-
Any stories labeled “shocking!”
If I see much punditry,
My eyeballs will keep walking.
I will forgo the food fads
Whether bad or beneficial.
Science covered in mainstream news is
Mostly specious, superficial.
Our society has mood swings
And “viral” seeing-sawing.
I will avoid the eccentricities
Before the righting becomes wronging.
Of course, I must have tolerance
As others make life choices.
Though I may not feel the same,
They deserve to have heard voices.
Still, their voices should not shout
Out the one’s I have inside.
My feelings are important, too,
Shall be defended, not denied.
I will, though, be open-hearted
And strive for open mind.
It is the least that I can do-
Be willing to be kind.
I vow in two thousand seventeen
To shed myself of shackles
Though, if I must, I’ll vent my spleen-
You may hear my cackles.
I promise I will try to avoid
Words, acrimonious and sardonic,
And instead find substitute
In thoughtfulness and tonic.

Happy New Year, everyone!

» Posted By Martin Mayland, Austin, Texas On December 30, 2016 @ 1:03 pm

The word: Friendship

Sinking Friendship

Though we’re planted on this planet,
We could not find the common ground.
We could not agree to disagree.
No solution to be found.
So we test the limits
With our testosterone.
We say we can’t make the peace-
We go our ways alone.
Umbrage is our umbrella.
We’re protecting our offences.
It really is too bad that
We can’t come to our senses.
Once we were good friends
Or so it was I thought.
We never reached the breaking point
When in the past, we fought.
You say that I’m an SOB.
Now you’ve seen true colors.
Well, you can have it your way.
You can have your druthers.
You want to hear “I’m sorry.”
You say it’s you, I irk.
OK then, I am sorry.
I’m sorry you’re a jerk.
There are no buts about it
That we are buttheads
Who don’t know how to button lips
When stupid things are said.
I’ve got to hand it to you,
When things got out of hand,
It was a real slap in the face-
Your middle finger stand.
I’ll just say one more thing
And I’ll say it here-
Come to my house on Friday night
We will drink some beer.

recycled and renamed from February’s “Umbrella”
Merry ChrisKwanHanSolZaMasAchaStice, All!

» Posted By Martin Mayland, Austin, Texas On December 21, 2016 @ 11:41 am

The word: Spry

Only the Good Die Young?

It wasn’t until recently
I had aspirations to be “spry.”
It seemed a word for old folks.
Now, I’m that kind of guy.
They say a moving target
Is that much harder to get hit
So I will move with alacrity
More often than I sit.
It’s exercise in utility
To escape the reaper’s scythe.
My soul need not soon be harvested-
No need to shorten life.
I’m going to do what my friend, John, has said
I might meditate.
And follow my doctor’s orders
On how to medicate.
I’ll be clean and sober
(Anyway, be clean)
But forego the tilt-a-worlds.
You know what I mean.
I am vowing to eat better-
Fruits, veggies, and whole grains,
Limit fats and processed foods,
To see what I will gain.
I should stay connected
With my family and friends
And be a plus in my community-
Be a “for” in what portends.
I will vote my social conscience,
Recycle, reduce, reuse,
Keep a worldly attitude,
Get not bitter and confused.
I will smile at children
And pet a cat or dog,
Bask awhile in sunshine,
Onward through the fog.
I will try to keep my mind sharp,
By keeping it on edge,
Write some more bad poems-
This is now my pledge.
I plan to keep on rockin’,
Throw my horns up in the air,
Bang my head to metal,
And act as I don’t care.
I won’t act my age,
At least to expectations,
And so as the years shall pass
I’ll elude their depredations.
It really doesn’t sound so bad
This thing of being “spry”
If only the good die young
I’ll be bad until I die.

» Posted By Martin Mayland, Austin, Texas On December 17, 2016 @ 10:59 am

The word: Eudemonic

How nice! Hope so!

» Posted By Martin Mayland, Austin, Texas On December 11, 2016 @ 12:57 pm

Eudemonic Creatures

You, demonic creatures,
Have really found your bliss-
It’s your persistant misachievings
Which has brought me, at last, to this.
You are the ones who muss my hair,
Each and every day,
It’s looking like a fright wig
I call my hell toupee.
When I am not looking,
You untie my shoes.
People think that when I trip
It’s because of all the booze.
Aren’t you the ones
Who also pulled my zipper
And got me into trouble?
You’d think I was the Ripper.
Why do you do the things you do-
Remove the cap off my toothpaste?
I know that I screwed it on
But you want me to blame haste.
Who let the air from my tire?
I missed my time, appointed.
Those folks were really angry
Their noses were disjointed.
It didn’t help my cause that
I had to stop at all red lights
You and yours were snickering
With chortling delight.
I stopped in at a restaurant
And I ate my fill.
Boy, was I embarrassed
When I went to pay the bill!
You misplaced my mail that
I sent to pay my card of credit.
The waiter called me “deadbeat”
When, with disdain, he said it.
I know it’s not my foibles
Or merely by accident
That I can’t achieve a perfect life.
You are by devil sent.
You guys never seem to weary
Of causing my life’s troubles.
Couldn’t you lay off a while?
Stop bursting all my bubbles?
As my personal demons
I supposed you’ve been assigned
To bedevil my attempts at happiness
And see my bliss misaligned.
Yes, you demonic creatures,
Must really take great pride-
As I’m going to Hell in a basket,
I say, “No thanks for the ride.”

» Posted By Martin Mayland, Austin, Texas On December 10, 2016 @ 3:01 pm

The word: Future

Be Here Now

The future is a special place.
That’s why it is divined.
If we could know the minds of gods,
Wouldn’t it be fine?
Why are we all so anxious?
Why do we want to know?
When all will be revealed
If we show up for the show.
Ancient Greeks went to Delphi.
Some say it was a gas.
The Oracles could tell you
How to save your…
Some visit Madame Trufue.
She will read your palms
Or sit and hold your hand and
Tell you to have qualms.
Now, we have the pundits,
Heads talking on TV,
Blah, blah, blah, blah, blahing
On what there is to be.
Some put their faith in polls
To tell them how to know it,
But in the eventualities,
Eventually they blow it.
In novels they foreshadow
With promise from the past
As the future is revealed
With surprises to the last.
Professional prognosticators
Ply their promised ploys
Of probable possibilities
To scare us girls and boys.
I like Science Fictions
With futuristic fantasies
Wars and Treks among the Stars,
Spaceships between galaxies.
Sometimes they’re positively prescient
With accurate anticipations
Inspiring innovations
And scrying societal situations.
Crystal balls and tea leaves,
Charts and graphs, entrails
Only get it right by chance-
Most of the time, they fail.
Haven’t wise men have told us
Since the time of when
We should be here in the present?
It’s the way of now and Zen.

» Posted By Martin Mayland, Austin, Texas On December 4, 2016 @ 1:20 pm

The word: Relevant

Curmudgeon Takes a Holiday

Many things are rudely relevant
Enough to raise my ire
It’s more that they are irritants
Setting me on fire.
But allow me to calm down a bit.
It’s time for a new season.
Celebrate without a fit.
Find a cause for reason.
We’ve derided our mortality-
Hallowed evening, Day of Dead.
We searched for a morality
When thoughts of Thanks are said.
We hailed our Protectors.
Our nation took a pause
For those who made a sacrifice
In paying Freedom’s cost.
Soon we’ll have the Festival
Contemplating Birth and Life,
Peace on Earth, Goodwill to All
Set aside your strife.
We will welcome in a New Year,
Begin with a clean slate,
We may wish to improve ourselves-
Something to contemplate.
Maybe I’ll not play the crank-
Find reasons to demean.
I’ll find more time to smile and laugh
In two thousand- seventeen.

» Posted By Martin Mayland, Austin, Texas On December 4, 2016 @ 6:50 pm

The word: Frenetic

Parking gyres. I like that.

» Posted By Martin Mayland, Austin, Texas On November 14, 2016 @ 3:58 pm

Didn’t Go Your Way?

Calm down. Be at peace.
Take a break from the frenetic.
Things may not have gone your way but
Getting overwrought is just pathetic.
Take a breath, then, let it out.
It might not be as bad as first it seems.
Sure it hurts when you lose
But you’ve still got all your dreams.
Have some faith, my friend,
So far we’ve gotten by.
Sometimes we have to wait and see-
It’s something we must try.
Bombast and bravado
Have got us to this point,
But reality must set in.
Don’t let your nose get out of joint.
No one is going to drop the bomb.
Maybe, even build a wall.
The world’s biggest reality show
Is existence for us all.
It’s much too soon to think of doom.
Maybe, time limps on.
Let us keep on going forth,
With hope, into the dawn.

» Posted By Martin Mayland, Austin, Texas On November 12, 2016 @ 12:42 pm

The word: Bubble Wrap

Bursting Bubbles

Bubble Wrap is “pop!”
Get started. You can’t stop.
for sure.
Let it not be negated.
The process
Of becoming
rapidly deflated.
We’ve groan to love
these gunfire sounds.
For kids and grups
this love abounds.
This stuff is not
just great for packing.
It’s really fun!
Let’s get cracking!

» Posted By Martin Mayland, Austin, Texas On November 17, 2016 @ 7:34 am

The word: Ambition


» Posted By Martin Mayland, Austin, Texas On November 7, 2016 @ 7:53 pm

Not bad, but what do you think this is? The “Martin Mayland Show?”

» Posted By Martin Mayland, Austin, Texas On November 7, 2016 @ 7:52 pm

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