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The word: Solitaire


To be one with one self
contentment is acquired

To be content no needs are
needed to be more

To live as one the life is
without purpose

No one to share a smile
No one to receive a smile

Life is endless
from beginning to the abyss

One with my spirit and soul
where thoughts are formed

And emptiness occurs
knowing how one I am

Alone ~ Solitaire

» Posted By Emilie Allen On March 22, 2017 @ 12:00 pm

The word: Adjust


The day was glorious
to much to behold
The flowers in an array of color
The sun shone bright with
soft billowing clouds giving shade as the
noonday approached

The bridesmaid dressed in gingham
of daffodil yellow and fern green with
a splash of white.
The groomsmen paraded in vests
of golden marigold and kale greens

A trio of flower girls danced their
way tossing daffodil petals and marigold buds
as the ring-bearer decked out in his vest of
many colors carried the jewel of diamonds

The trumpets sounded their chord of jubilee
the guests rose to their feet to applaud the
blushing bride to be.

The groom standing at attention noticed an
awkward sight, as his wife to be was dressed
in not White.

To his dismay he was shocked to be told in
a very unconventional way that his wife was not to be

But adjustments were made without hesitation
as the I do’s and pledges were made
the marriage would begin.

» Posted By Emilie Allen On March 2, 2017 @ 12:50 am

The word: Mirror


Passing by the mirror she dare not look
She may not recognized who looks back

She dare not gaze into her eyes for
fear if what is hidden inside.

The emptiness, the quiet soul lays
cold and dead in the pane.

What will awaken that soul so deep in the abyss?
A spirit to quicken the light lying in wait.

A tug at the heart, as she gazes at the reflection
To let moisture enter and drop

She knows she is alive and life will have meaning
The eyes wake up and shine with truth

The spirit fills her heart with joy
When the mirror reflects a true image of her soul.

» Posted By Emilie Allen On February 14, 2017 @ 12:15 am

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