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The word: Chapter

We sit quietly,
in a darkened room,
a room large enough
for a bed and two chairs.

She in a reclining chair,
her body sunken down, almost hidden,
and her feet straight out
from the blanket hiding her legs.

I in a rocking chair,
rocking back and forth,
back and forth,
back and forth.

Conversation is sparse,

Her hands move along
the arms of the recliner.

Memories from one chapter of her life
mixed in with memories from another.
I try to follow the bits of memory she has
from the book of her life.

I rock back and forth,
back and forth.

She looks at a photo of my Dad and talks about her Dad.
She thinks I am her mother,
then my sister, then her sister.

I try to talk about today,
yesterday, tomorrow.

She becomes agitated
when she mentions that no one comes to visit her.
I check.

Her guest book is filled with names
of friends and family.
Family mostly
because most of her friends
are no longer alive.

Then we sit quietly,
she in the reclining chair,
I in the rocking chair.
rocking back and forth,
back and forth,
back and forth.

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