Elisabeth always provides a keen critical eye for story and structure. She also knows how to give enough feedback to fuel revision, but not so much that I’m overwhelmed. I count on her as a first reader! – Lynn C. Miller, author of Find Your Story, Write Your Memoir

Working with Elisabeth was a real “3E experience:” energetic, engaging and enlightening! Elisabeth was a wizard at helping me work through an unstructured project and reminding me of what I can do well, not what I cannot (at least right now). Her targeted comments, practical ideas of next steps, and no nonsense approach worked for me (busy, too much going on, shifting focus …sounds like a lot of people!). And beyond all of that, she’s just plain fun to be around – curious, funny, and full of great book ideas! – Nancy Napier

I have worked with Elisabeth McKetta for years. As a writing partner, she stimulates creativity, asks engaging questions, provides astute and thought- provoking comments, and encourages you to think about your work on new and exciting levels. As an editor, she is extremely thorough, and her keen eye and appreciation for language make your writing shine. She discusses your work as if it were alive, yet explores your work in a constructively critical fashion. Elisabeth is a rare breed: a free-spirited artist with an editor’s commonsense and reason. – Michelle Lee

Ms. McKetta’s writing workshops offer the most satiating combination: a safe, muse-filled environment in which to explore, mixed with her solid guidance and world class talent. – Elizabeth Spencer Clarke

Elisabeth creates a wonderfully safe place to write, and then gets you off the dime with thoughtful prompts. I found it helpful even as an experienced writer. I saw beginners respond comfortably, and produce some really fine pieces. There was no judgment. Just appreciation and respect. – Gary Cooke

My biggest frustrations as a writer lie in the discrepancies between what I mean and what my writing actually says. Elisabeth first saw my essays from the eyes of a reader, helping me to find these discrepancies. She then made suggestions and pointed me in the right direction to fix them; I felt like my own voice was becoming clearer. – Lindsay, high school senior

I have taken several writing workshops from Elisabeth McKetta. She creates a safe environment where deep and reflective writing happens. Elisabeth both inspires and supports each writer as they begin to find their voice. In every workshop, I have completed a piece that moves me closer to a memoir. The meetings are also fun and a wonderful opportunity to meet others who love the writing process.
– Ann O’Leary Young

Elisabeth reviewed my manuscript in its earliest stages. Her thorough, but gentle feedback gave me the confidence and eagerness to push forward into greater depth and clarity in my characters and the piece’s structure. I will, without hesitation, turn to her first in all future writing pursuits. – Catie Young