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Elisabeth Sharp McKetta grew up in Austin, Texas and now lives in Boise, Idaho. She is a well-loved storyteller and the author of six books: The Fairy Tales Mammals Tell (2013), described by novelist Ben Fountain as a collection of “wise, unflinching poems”; The Creative Year: 52 Workshops for Writers (2014), praised as a guidebook that “will make everyone want to write”; Poetry for Strangers Vols. I and II (2015, 2016), each a collection of fifty poems inspired from words given by strangers; Fear of the Deep (2016), an atmospheric collaboration with artist Troy Passey; and the biography Energy: The Life of John J. McKetta, Jr. (2017). 

Elisabeth has literature degrees from Harvard, Georgetown, and the University of Texas at Austin. She wrote a Ph.D. dissertation on the intersections between memoir and myth, a concept that now informs her teaching. She teaches writing at Harvard Extension School, where she won the 2018 James E. Conway Excellence in Teaching Writing Award,  and also she teaches private and community workshops. 

Elisabeth lives in a tiny house (250 sq. ft.) with her husband, two children, and a Labrador. She enjoys hiking, traveling, reading, vegan cooking, making new friends and drinking tea with old friends.